As of late 2016, Nuaire released a new updated range of drimaster units called the Eco  -see for more details.

Some of the “features” they talk about are to do with them vs other makes, which seems to apply to the existing units.

The “Link” feature means you can remotely program the unit from the landing rather than the loft.  Would I buy this unit?  Yep – as I like flashing lights and buttons.  But, in reality, once its set up you never touch the controller on the unit so its probably pointless.  I’d pay a small premium for it, but not sure the price is justified!  Even for me.

I would always get the “heat” model though, that is worth it, even if you don’t use the heater.

The longer guarentee may well be worth it – but we’ve not needed to call on ours!

So, on a budget, see if you can still get the older version and save some cash!