This page is dedicated to genuine reviews and comments of the Nuaire Drimaster PIV system.  How can you trust these reviews?  Well, you can’t, they could be faked.  But they are either taken off my personal blog or linked to Amazon.  I strongly advise you to read the Amazon reviews, as they are genuine and show different peoples views.  The reviews/comments from my site were taken from my original blog post .

Nuaire Drimaster Heat

Below are the latest active reviews of Nuaire Drimaster Heat on Amazon.  This is generated from Amazon on the fly and as such is current and accurate.

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Nuaire Drimaster (not heated)

Below are the latest active reviews of Nuaire Drimaster on Amazon.  This is generated from Amazon on the fly and as such is current and accurate.

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Comments from my blog

Here are peoples comments that they made on my original blog post which are informative on all aspects.  None of these comments were solicited, and original comments can be seen on the original post.

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These are genuine quotes, please see original site for all quotes

Paul, December 2014:

After extensive research, due to being cynical that it would work I purchased this unit. We have a 90yr old bungalow with solid walls and suffered with mould in the three bedrooms. Humidity levels were 74 – 77% every morning, Envirovent suggested readings should be 45 – 55% along with their quote of £2000 which is why we went for Nuaire.It has now been installed for a week, I helped the electrician install it so his charge was £100 and took us 5hrs.
24 hrs after install (on setting 4 which is probably too high for the size of property) the readings had dropped 10% , after five days they have dropped to 53%. The walls affected by mould now have a “powdery” feel to them as they are drying out. Their is a 2cm band of condensation on one of the bedroom windows and that’s it. We’re staggered by the results and has by far exceeded expectations so thanks to this blog and all the comments for advice. We never believed that we would cure it for £400 – as I look out now all the neighbours have their windows open except for us

Gary, December 2014:

I bought my Drimaster-heat on Amazon for £307, cut the hole, installed the vent, then the unit in the loft as per the instructions, the only difficult bit was getting the flexible tube on to the unit but all in all one afternoon, wired it, tried it, works perfectly (have to have it checked by a qualified sparky now). So, not too difficult to install, there is also a very good video on Youtube which helped me.

Ken, August 2014:-

Exactly the same problems and same results, would I recommend…..100% yes, 1930 solid wall bungalow

Darren, March 2014

Just wanted to say thanks to Ryan for this blog, it helped persuade me to purchase a drymaster heat which has been running since early December. My house suffered really bad with surface condensation on windows, walls, behind furniture, mold etc. Thought I had rising damp at one point but after research and reading this blog heard about PIV. All I can say is that this system has totally cured our problem. Since installing I have not ONCE had to wipe down windows at all. This is amazing as our windows were normally saturated every morning in the winter months. I cleaned all the mold off the ceilings and walls after a week of installing the unit and to my amazement it has not come back whatsoever. The house feels fresher as all the stale air is constantly pushed out of the house so it is just a nicer environment. I will mention that you will notice the landing will be a bit colder due to the fresh air being pumped into the house, I could turn on the heater but have not felt the need so far. For people asking about settings it depends on your house, installation and severity of problem, I have a 4 bed house and suffered terribly, I initially had it on setting 4 but have recently turned it down to 3 and it is still working fine. I have also been able to turn down the heating thermostat as its so much quicker to heat the house due to much lower moisture.

I got a sparky to fit it and it was real simple for him. I purchased a heavy duty chain and hook from screw fix for £10 and hung mine from the rafters, it really works well and means no vibration. I would recommend anyone buying one to do the same. I also like Ryan run the heater off a different switch in my airing cupboard, that way if I need the heater on its simple to do without climbing into the loft.

I really can not say enough good about this system and for anyone wondering if it really works, it really does. Would I buy one again, 100%

Steve, December 2013:

Hello to everyone interested in this post, we are west Yorkshire based specialist remedial company( who supply and install the Nuaire Drimaster Heat and other Nuaire Products, i can only praise this unit as this works with great performance where condensation has become problematic, we have been installing this unit over the last 4 years and have never had one complaint or criticism.If you are in two minds if to install this in your property i can only advise to go ahead and you will not be disappointed, please use a reputable installer that fully understands the product and also understands the property and severity of the condensation problem so the unit can be set up to deliver its best performance,if you live in the Yorkshire or surrounding areas and require further advice or a quotation for installation please do not hesitate to contact us further.

Steve Pearce


2 thoughts on “Genuine Reviews”

  1. Thanks for your blog. I was in two minds to spend on the Drimaster Heat PIV. We have an extended 3 bedroom detached house built in 1920 where the front of the property faces due North. We get terrible condensation on the front facing windows (original sash windows without double glazing) and had noticed concerning mould behind cupboards in the bedrooms. The front walls tend to be very cold.

    After having the front bedrooms re-decorated I invested in a de-humidifier and that worked well – after a month of being on constantly and emptying 2-4 litres of water a day, it now only fires up for a minute or two each hour. The humidity in the property is well below 50% now, but the de-humidifier, whilst a very quiet model, is too noisy to have upstairs. Also, despite this we were still waking almost every day to condensation covered windows; more so upstairs. I purchased a Karcher WindowVac and was removing more than it could hold from just our 2m x 2m double sash master bedroom window, pretty much every day.

    I read the Which? review and then found your site for the Drimaster Heat and thought I would give it a go. I just happened to find a special offer price of £235 + VAT at the time also.

    I fitted the unit myself last Saturday. It was fairly straightforward. I consulted with my electrician friend beforehand to ensure the electrical installation I had planned was correct. The outlet is above my stairwell located fairly centrally in the landing area.

    I fired the unit up, left it on the default heat recovery settings and set the speed to level 4. The unit is quiet, and whilst you can hear it in the hallway (mainly just the airflow), you can’t in the bedrooms with the bedroom doors left slightly open.

    So the results:

    Day 1 (very cold night so expecting a lot of condensation) – around 25mm of condensation along the bottom edges of the upstairs windows
    Day 2 – Completely clear
    Day 3 – Completely clear
    Day 4 – Completely clear

    Also the hallway and landing feels a lot warmer now, probably because the unit is circulating the heat from the radiators back into the living space.


    1. Thanks Nigel for taking the time to reply. Not seen anyone with an auto-dehumidifier comment before, so interesting the difference it makes to that too.

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