If you are on this site, then this is your main question:

Do Positive Input Systems, like the Nuaire Drimaster, actually work?

Well.  As I keep saying, I am not an expert.  All I can say, is everyone is different; every house is different; every problem is different.  In my personal opinion, you need to control condensation with other methods too to give it a chance, and in my personal view – YES – the Nuaire Drimaster PIV work for me – does what it suggest.

Looking at the Amazon reviews other people are also positive about them.  In fact, you have to go a long way to find negative reviews.

So I’m happy to say, yes, the PIV systems works.

HOWEVER – if you have a leaking roof; large sources of moisture in the house and don’t take other steps to prevent condensation – then don’t expect it to work!

How does a PIV system work?

I’m not an expert, but here is my understanding in simple terms.

Mould and condensation is caused by moisture in the air condensating on cold surfaces.  The moisture is from anything, cooking, showers, drying clothes, and most importantly breathing.  So pretty much, not much you can do about the latter.

A PIV system causes dry air to be pushed into the property.  This causes air movement and due to the slight increase in pressure, other air gets pushed out.  As the air coming in is from a dry source, by definition the air getting pushed out is the moist air.

So, simply, it slowly pushes moist air out of the property and as such the remaining air is dryer and less prone to condensate.

Sounds simple.  Sounds like a load of tosh.  Sounds like snake-oil.  Do your research and decide yourself.

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