You may wonder, who I am, am I an expert, and whats in it for me?  So for openness, here is the answer to your questions….

Who is the website owner/author – and why does this site exist?

My name is Ryan, and I’m just a normal guy who had travel/personal blog – and when I bought a house with a condensation issue, I researched PIV systems and wasn’t entirely convinced they weren’t a con, but took the plunge anyway.  I found it worked, and thus did a blog post on the topic – and bizzarely loads of people found it of interest, and loads took time to post comments.

So, I thought there was a lack of believable information, and thus thought I’d put all I knew in a dedicated site – here.  I didn’t want it on my blog as it isn’t the place to really have loads of information on PIV systems!

Whats in it for me (the author)

Good question – and the bottom line is, I am an Amazon Associate which means I am allowed Amazon adverts as you can see, and if you click them and buy something, I get commission from Amazon.

You pay no more, so there is no cost to you, but as I found from my blog, some people do buy and it earns me a small amount of commission for me.  If you buy direct then I don’t get commission.  The information here is free, and take it or leave it!

What I say on this site is my view, my opinion etc, and it isn’t biased at all.  As you can see, this started as a single blog post with no view to make any money, but hey – if I can I will 🙂

How much money do I make? etc

Well, from 1 January to 1 October 2014, from my blog, I “sold” 10x Nuiare Drimaster with heat, and 4x Nuaire drimaster without heat – so 14 in total @ £7 each – so from 1 Jan 2014 to 1 October 2014 roughly £10 per month (pre tax, excluding website/domain hosting etc) from just the Drimasters.  So, not a huge amount – but hope it buys be a beer once in a while!

Considering it took about 10 hours to get this site up and running and populated with the information (admittedly when bored over xmas watching films I’d seen before), it is basically minimum wage…..  So not doing this to get rich, just get a free beer once in a while

Copy of Amazon sales report from 1 Jan to 1 Oct 2014 showing the sales of Drimasters proving I’m making what I said!


Do I pay tax etc

Yes.  I run my own business with my wife, and as these are “untaxed earnings” the Amazon Associate account is in the name of my business and is paid to the business, so Amazon is treated like any other customer and invoiced accordingly.  As such, all earnings are in the same business as all our other earnings and taxed accordingly 🙁

Am I qualified in anything to do with PIV, Condensation, Electrics, DIY?

Nope.  Not in the slightest.  As such this site is just based on my PERSONAL view, and is for info only.  I am not authorised, approved, or pretend to be anything other than an individual.  So if I was you, I’d take everything here with a pinch of salt and use it as just part of my general internet research.


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  1. Thank you, I have found your information very helpful. I may not be able to afford one for a while but knowing there is a solution makes towelling my windows easier to put up with for now.


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