Welcome to my site which contains information about Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) Anti-Condensation systems which are a black-magic snake-oil type device which, surprisingly works!  I am not an expert on the topic, moreso a satisfied end user.  I blogged about it on my personal travel blog a couple of years ago, and as it attracted an interest and more comments than my travel blog lol – I decided to create a dedicated site.

This site is designed to give you information that I found.  NOTE: I am NOT an expert; or certified in any way; just an end user.  As such, you should not trust anything I say really – do your own research and make your own choice

So why am I bothering with this website:

I had spare time over Christmas and with so many comments on my personal travel blog I thought it wiser and more informative to move it all to a single dedicated site rather than tucked away on a travel site

So, finally, is this a typical infomercial website written just to make money?

No – it is written to help get all the information in one place away from my travel blog!  YES – if you buy any of the products from the Amazon links, I get a small amount of commission (5% – max £7 per sale).  You pay the same so it makes no difference to the purchaser.  As I know a few people bought from the travel blog (thanks) – I hope sales will (a) cover this website cost; (b) Buy me a beer once in a while; and (c) solve peoples condensation issues.

Hope you find it useful!

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  1. I bought the digital humidity meter for £3 for our sons room but do move it around as slightly obsessive with checking the readings! As one aspect of the diffuser is within 400mm of the wall I refitted the foam insert. The next day there was damp on one wall (humidity 82%) so removed the insert. Within 30 mins it had dropped by 5% and it was back to dry wall by the next morning, just proves how effective it is. Certainly your blog was a great source of info especially independent wiring of the heater which we haven’t felt the need to use yet despite the below zero temperatures this week. Will it automatically shut off in the summer or do I need to adjust the settings? Are your camping tips as good ??!

    1. To answer your question, if the wall is getting damp WITH a drimaster in the room (but with foam insert in) – then wow – that is a problem wall. We need just one drimaster in the landing and it deals with all of the house. Of course, blowing air down the wall will help – but there may be other causes of damp there as that sounds extreme – the outlet in the room should be enough as it should work by pressure, not “blow flow”.

      The heater is thermostat controlled, and will come on and off as necessary – so set correctly the heater will be off during the summer anyway (though mine I can switch off manually). If you don’t have it on, then your wall must be freezing! The PIV is on 24x7x365 even over summer, but its very low power and is happy being left on – and also speeds up if the loft gets hot so to get “free heat” under certain conditions.

  2. Hi. We have just installed an Envirovent system (which may not have been the most cost effective solution now reading these blogs). The issue we are having I’m guessing would be the same with either PIV system. On installation it was set to medium, the house became extremely cold, we don’t have gas central heating but energy efficient electric radiators which maintain a lower economic temperature during the day to keep heating costs down when heating the room to 21deg in the evening. As the Envirovent unit heats the air from the loft to 10degC and circulating this around the house, the radiators in some rooms downstairs are constantly giving out heat – this is going to cost us significantly in electricity. We have now reduced the daytime setting on our heating system, but the house is constantly very cold. Any advice most welcome. Thanks

    1. I changed our “heater” to a higher temp, was a few years ago, maybe 14-16′. And I accept (and say on the linked site) the elec bill goes up over winter. However the extra elec bill vs. mould/damp/wet walls/painting etc is much cheaper!
      Our landing is cooler, but no way does it cool downstairs! (also, apparently, its a myth to keep heating on all day thinking its cheaper than warming from cold – so research that – even MoneySavingExpert did an article).
      So maybe your fan speed is too high? Ours is only set on 1/2 possible power. Getting the setting “right” took a few goes as it is a balance. Maybe EnviroVent just stuck it on high to get results without considering.
      Also, as the air is less humid, for us, we feel warmer for a lower temperature – so, say, if 23′ was the right temp before, we now have 21′. Also, as we no longer have windows open to clear condensation, we don’t lose heat that way.
      Its all a compromise, but perhaps check/tune settings (assuming the EV unit can be adjusted)

  3. Hi I live in a bungalow and the original house in is now the living room and has an attic space over it, however the rest of the house ie kitchen, hallway,bedrooms and bathroom to the rear have a flat roof construction. Does the fact that the attic space is not central mean the the drimaster wouldn’t be affective?

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